PMI Columbus, GA chapter meetings occur the first Thursday of the month from 11:30 - 1:00 pm at the Main Library (Macon Road) February through November unless other arrangements are announced.


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MS Project Training Classes


Our PMI Columbus, GA Chapter is partnering with Software Made Simple, Inc. to bring a training opportunity to all who are interested in increasing their proficiency in MS Project 2016. The training consist of 3 different alternatives as listed below. Becky Parnell will be the trainer for this event.







Option 1

Beginner Level

2 x 3.5 hr. session

6-9:30 PM

6-9:30 PM

9/11 & 9/13


Option 2

Intermediate/Advanced Level

2 x 3.5 hr. session

6-9:30 PM

6-9:30 PM

9/18 & 9/20


Option 3

Beginner/Intermediate and Advanced Levels

4 x 3.5 hr. session

6-9:30 PM

6-9:30 PM

9/11, 9/13, 9/18 & 9/20


- Textbook included

- Payment for the class will be collected by the Trainer.

Certificate of completion will be given to each participant   

- Earn 7 PDUs for Option 1 or 2; 14 PDUs for Option 3 
Min of 6 people and max of 15 per session. 10 computers available. After that, participants will need to bring a laptop with MS Project 2016 software and will receive a $25 discountSoftware Made Simple, Inc. to send out invoices to each participant after min attendance is met.
Registration deadline is September 4th. Space is limited!

No refunds will be issued after September 4th.

Software Made Simple, Inc. - 233 12th Street Columbus, GA 31901
6:00 PM to 9:30 PM
$325 or $625


Future Tentative Meetings

September 2018 Meeting - September 11, 2018
Speaker: Becky Parnell
Topic: MS Project Training Classes


September 2018 Meeting - September 13, 2018
Speaker: Brandon Conrad, PMP
Topic: Mind Mapping and Project Management


October 2018 Meeting - October 04, 2018
Speaker: Col. Marty Barr, USA Ret.
Topic: Monthly Chapter Meeting


November 2018 Meeting - November 01, 2018
Speaker: TBD
Topic: Monthly Chapter Meeting


December 2018 Meeting - December 06, 2018
Speaker: TBD
Topic: Monthly Chapter Meeting



Past Meetings

August 2018 Meeting
Speaker: Amy Crews
Topic: Financial Fraud


July 2018 Meeting
Speaker: Chef Jamie Keating
Topic: Tour the Restaurant and Network with PMI Professionals at EPIC


July 2018 Meeting
Speaker: Becky Parnell
Topic: MS Project Training Classes


June 2018 Meeting
Speaker: Renay Eve Davis, PMP and Jodi Wisor, PMP
Topic: Leadership Skills for Project Managers Workshop


May 2018 Meeting
Speaker: Sommer Bundy
Topic: Emotional Intelligence


April 2018 Meeting
Speaker: Alison Mills-Long, PMP, CMQ/OE, RMT, CRVPM, TNLP
Topic: Stress Management


March 2018 Meeting
Speaker: Ron Thomas and Rosana Juestel, PMP
Topic: Synovus Elevate Program


February 2018 Meeting
Speaker: Jay Knape, PMP, CSM
Topic: Chapter Meeting


December 2017 Meeting
Speaker: Chapter Officers
Topic: Year in Review and a Look Forward into Next Year


November 2017 Meeting
Speaker: James Grant, Developer Officer, College of Education and Health Professions
Topic: Site visit of Columbus State University's Dr. Frank Brown Hall


October 2017 Meeting
Speaker: Dr. David F. Lewis, Superintendent, Muscogee County School District
Topic: Leadership


September 2017 Meeting
Speaker: Walter Martin, PMP and Alison Mills-Long, PMP, CMQ/OE
Topic: Technical Skills - Beyond Scheduling. Managing Risks and Monitoring the Schedule


Claiming PDU

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Cat A: Registered Education Provider/PMI Component


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Report a Component 1-2 PDU


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