Joining Efforts with CSU and United Way to Help Students


Program Summary 

diverse-team-engaging-in-hands-on-project-3.jpgThis program is designed to benefit business students at Columbus State University who have enrolled in classes requiring practical project management experience. Through joint efforts of professionals from the PMI Columbus, GA Chapter, and representatives of non-profit agencies in the Columbus area, CSU students will participate in real project initiation, create project plans, and fulfill other project-related curriculum requirements while being mentored by professionals in the field of project management. Meanwhile, non-profit agencies will benefit from the plans and solutions provided by the students. Projects will be assigned by CSU instructors and will begin and end within the calendar confines of a single semester. 

Project Manager Engagement Benefits 

    Project Managers will...

  • Gain exposure to needs of non-profit organizations
  • Give back to the project management profession
  • Lead teams of students through all aspects of project management
  • Encourage students to follow PMI practices
  • Share work experiences with students
  • Engage with other members of PMI
  • Earn up to 10 PDUs per semester 

Project Manager Requirements 

    Project Managers involved in this program are required to... 

  • Meet with student teams and non-profit representatives throughout the semester
  • Guide students through all assigned requirements
  • Assist teams with group dynamics, project engagement and targeted results
  • Remain in contact with students outside of class hours if needed
  • Meet with PMI Academic Coordinator routinely or as needed
  • Provide feedback to non-profit leaders and university professors as needed
  • Seek counsel from other PMI Academic Mentors and Academic Coordinator
  • Provide recommendations to improve program administration
  • Possibly discuss topics in class as requested by university professors
  • Support teams during final presentation to agencies
  • Maintain PMP certification throughout the semester
  • Sign an PMI Academic Mentor Agreement


For more information about this program, please reach out to Pam Ames, President Elect.


To apply as a volunteer for the PMI Academic Mentor Program, complete the Academic Mentor Application.