Organizational Transformation: Foundation

PMI's new online course powered by Brightline®

Organizational Transformation: Foundation* was designed to train Project Managers on the fundamentals of navigating change, strengthening culture and promoting growth within transformation projects.
*This course leads to a Micro Credential in Organizational Transformation.

Change is inevitable, and organizations (just like people) must adapt in order to survive and thrive. Project managers are instrumental in transformational change, but organizations clearly don’t know how to transform given 70% of transformations failed in 2019 according to HBR. 

That’s why Brightline® (an Initiative under PMI) partnered with leading transformation experts to uncover where organizations are going wrong. Led by Dr. Behnam Tabrizi, the team researched over 1,000 transformations across the globe and condensed their findings into a comprehensive guide for driving successful transformations.
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