PMI Columbus GA Chapter

Education & Certification

Education & Certification

PMI Widget 3  Support for Certification Credits

PMI Columbus, GA Chapter offers PDU credits to support all PMI certifications through the many events that are held throughout the year.  Stay abreast of these various opportunities by frequently checking your emails, reading Chapter newsletters, and viewing Events on this website.

PMI Widget 2  Project Management Exam Preparation Classes

In past years, PMI Columbus Georgia Chapter offered PMP Exam Preparation Classes.  PMI now requires chapters to become an Authorized Training Partner (ATP) in order to teach PMP Exam Preparation Classes.  Many of the larger chapters have become an ATP and are authorized to conduct classes.  PMI Columbus Georgia Chapter is currently not an ATP; therefore, it cannot provide PMP Exam Preparation classes.


To find Authorized Partners and training courses, please visit


For updates on all other training and workshops proviided by the PMI Columbus Georgia Chapter, please check the Events page on this website.